We are delighted to unveil our second culinary masterpiece, marking another milestone in Henwil Chickens’ incredible 21-year journey.

This cookbook, born from dedication and passion, stands as a testament to our resilience amid challenges like the avian influenza outbreak and market shortages.

In the face of adversity, the poultry industry remains steadfast, and this cookbook celebrates the enduring popularity of chicken and poultry dishes in the South African culinary scene. We proudly present a diverse collection of recipes within these pages, empowering households, chefs, and weekend “braaiers” to create delightful dishes.

Gratitude is extended to the celebrities whose contributions made this project possible. A special acknowledgment goes to culinary stylist and chef Amerae, whose meticulous work brought these recipes to life. We express our thanks to those ready to embark on a culinary journey with this cookbook.

Confidently, I assure you that regardless of your culinary expertise, following these recipes will not only be enjoyable but also yield results of the utmost quality.

Savour every moment, for at Henwil Chickens, “We rule the Roost!”

Henwil Chicken Cookbook


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